Susan H.

October 10th, 2019

Everyone that works with the patients knows their science!

Once again, Walker PT has helped me through a lumbar fusion and then a Cervical Fusion. My neurosurgeon, Dr. Abshire, recommended Walker PT and I was lucky to have Gary Coleman as my therapist – an absolutely A+ grade. I never wanted to stop having my therapy. His complete knowledge of everything associated with my back and neck surgeries was amazing. I would call out where something was hurting, and he knew right away where the pain was originating and how to fix it. What Gary really helped me with was body mechanics – how to sit, stand, get out of a prone position and many helpful exercises to strengthen my muscles to help my back and neck get stronger. My swim therapy for my lumbar surgery really helped with my recovery. It seems like Walker Institute has a therapist for everything and the equipment to help with strengthening exercises to help patients get stronger and more flexible. Everyone that works with the patients knows their science to help all injuries or structural problems. I would recommend Walker PT to anyone who needs physical rehabilatation.