Patient Testimonials

  • Improvement in my physical skills

    I’ve had several months of therapy here and I have been very pleased to have noted improvement in my physical skills and my mental and emotional attitude. My therapist is an excellent aide in my health issues and I could not be more satisfied with his assistance!

  • Great treatment for an aching back

    After back surgery, I came to Walker Physical Therapy and it was a very pleasant experience. When I completed my pool exercises, I was treated to a wonderful back massage. My therapists were so gentle and compassionate. Great treatment for an aching back!

  • I can play college baseball again!

    After a baseball injury left me unable to run, I didn’t know if I would be able to play in college. I went to Walker Physical Therapy, and they knew exactly what was wrong and worked with me 3 times a week until I was strong enough to play again. They had later appointments available that worked with my school and practice schedule. Thanks for returning me to the field!

  • I love the pool therapy!

    I fractured my pelvis in July and it didn’t heal. I’ve only been going to PT for a few weeks but I feel stronger and have less pain. Everyone has been very nice and helpful. My therapist Gary is awesome, and I love the pool therapy!

  • Thank you WPT!

    My experience at WPT was great! All of the staff, from the front office to the exercise specialists, was very polite and professional. My therapist Sarah was great to work with, she was very knowledgeable and polite. Overall it’s been a great experience as without therapy on my shoulder I would definitely not be where I am now physically. Thank you WPT!

  • I prevented surgery!

    I was told I might need to have surgery on my foot for plantar fasciitis. I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I decided to give physical therapy a try as a last effort to avoid surgery. I wish I had come in months earlier!  My therapist listened to me, worked with me, and spent 30 minutes with me at each appointment before I even did my exercises. My podiatrist was very happy with the results. Walker Physical Therapy is top notch, I would not go anywhere else!

  • I highly recommend your facility!

    I have just finished two sessions of therapy with Kelly in the aftermath of a hip replacement on August 13, 2014 followed by a stroke the following day. I was placed with Kelly for my rehab- what a blessing. I believe I got the best therapist possible. I am not sure I can really explain all the respect I have for her skills. My recovery was all I hoped for and better. She not only helped me physically but mentally. She is certainly a credit to her profession.

    I did my exercises in the pool, and have nothing but the highest regard for these therapists. Between them and Kelly I feel I got the best treatment possible. I highly recommend your facility!

  • Treatment tailored to my individual situation and needs

    I greatly appreciated and benefited from the physical therapy treatment plan that was specifically tailored to address my individual situation and needs. The thoroughness and attention I received had a most positive impact on my progress. Treatments were always provided in a predictably professional and friendly environment. Having such a wonderful facility right in my neighborhood is truly a blessing.

  • Every week I have seen improvement!

    Every week I have seen improvement, from barely being able to move my shoulder to normal range of motion. I’m very pleased with my results. Lauren was very motivating and supportive and her knowledge, I believe, helped me and will continue to help me with my rehabilitation. I’m very grateful for Lauren and Kelly and the entire Walker team for everything they have done for me!

  • Overall I’ve improved

    Overall I’ve improved in strength and balance. I am able to lift more weight and have more stamina. My overall improvement so far is 65-75% (I still require more therapy). I appreciate how Lauren listens and adjusts my therapy as needed. She is very encouraging.

  • I prevented back surgery!

    If it weren’t for Gary, I’d have had back surgery long ago.  Taking care of slipped disc and a hip that kept rotating out, then developing exercises for me has changed my life. Gary is the greatest!

  • I have regained much more movement

    I came to Walker Physical Therapy with severe shoulder pain and little movement in my left shoulder. Through Derrick’s consistent treatments over several weeks, my pain level has lessened and I have regained much more movement. I will continue with his suggested exercise program. I’ve very much appreciated Derrick during this rough stretch. He’s been extremely patient, very professional, and doesn’t give up on getting you where you need to be. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing therapy!

  • Everyone that works with the patients knows their science!

    Once again, Walker PT has helped me through a lumbar fusion and then a Cervical Fusion. My neurosurgeon, Dr. Abshire, recommended Walker PT and I was lucky to have Gary Coleman as my therapist – an absolutely A+ grade. I never wanted to stop having my therapy. His complete knowledge of everything associated with my back and neck surgeries was amazing. I would call out where something was hurting, and he knew right away where the pain was originating and how to fix it. What Gary really helped me with was body mechanics – how to sit, stand, get out of a prone position and many helpful exercises to strengthen my muscles to help my back and neck get stronger. My swim therapy for my lumbar surgery really helped with my recovery. It seems like Walker Institute has a therapist for everything and the equipment to help with strengthening exercises to help patients get stronger and more flexible. Everyone that works with the patients knows their science to help all injuries or structural problems. I would recommend Walker PT to anyone who needs physical rehabilatation.

    Susan H.
  • Scott, my therapist was wonderful!

    Scott, my therapist was wonderful! I appreciate all the info regarding lymphedema. The swelling in my arm is maintained because of his recommendation. Thank you. Waiting for service was very minimal.

  • Thank you for showing me the way to lead an active life once again!

    The twice weekly treatments and at home stretching exercises greatly relieved my chronic back pain. I haven’t needed additional treatments for over 8 months. I continue doing the exercise regimen daily. Thank you for showing me the way to lead an active life once again!

  • My therapist had determination to see me do better each visit!

    When Scott started my therapy after I fractured my hip in a fall (I am 87) what began with me having a difficult time even getting out of a wheelchair, with his patience, kindness and prodding (I did give him a hard time) to do better each visit, went from wheelchair to walker to today going up 16 steps to my second floor landing and back down. I want to recognize Scott for the determination he had to see me do better each visit!