Monthly Archives: April 2018

  • Don’t Join the Opiod Epidemic! Why PT is a Much Safer Course

    No one wants to live a life in pain, but prescription opioids aren’t always the best choice. Painkillers like Percocet, Vicodin and OxyContin certainly come with risks. Opioid risks include withdrawal symptoms, addiction, depression and overdose. And today, the use of opioids is epidemic. Physical therapy is a safer alternative without the risks and side […]

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  • How Physical Therapy Can Help Relieve Headaches

    Some people mistakenly believe that “tension headache” refers literally to pain caused by emotional stress. In fact, the term refers to the muscle tension or spasms, at the back of the head that leads to head pain. Yet although feeling tense can certainly lead to muscle spasm, other issues — such as poor posture, injury […]

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